The Other Woman

She had realized that love doesn’t come easy. She knew that there was no perfect man. She was aware that relationships didn’t last and she had understood that at the end of the day, there was going to be no one man for whom she was the only one. And so she had decided to be what they all desired. She had it in her. Her education made her independent, in more ways than one. Her varied exposure to culture through travel made her a connoisseur of refinement and her strong sense of self encouraged her to be liberated. Those who knew her yearned to be with her and those who didn’t wanted to know her. She had that spark to light up their mundanity. Her voice had a lure and teased every word that she spoke. Her eyes scathed when she stared and her confidence made it easy for them to confide in her.

She broke away from her past, being mentally exhausted every day… experiencing the fear of losing him, waiting for what seemed like forever and then getting nothing…being weak…being made to feel that way. She was through it all.

She was a new woman now.


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