Finding the Fresh in the Frayed

Their relationship had reached a stage where communication had hit a roadblock. The time was never right. The context was meek. Every conversation hid a frigid undertone. Crude words that had once been taken in a light spirited mood were off bounds as now even neutral conversation was perceived with a high aggregate of negativity. Love was lost and it seemed there was nothing to hold on to.

She had always wished for a perfect relationship with all the imperfections, knowing that sometimes they had to learn to agree to disagree. But it was all in the notion that whatever happened, their’s was an imperishable bond and this was what she fought for.

The thought of a blank slate to start over tempted her at times. She knew that this time she would make the right choice. Someone who was capable of being the reliance that she yearned for. She knew that she would not stumble again. On one side lay the certainty in the unknown while on the other lay the very last streak of diminishing hope.

And there were times when she let her unreal imagination loose. She ached for the fresh in the frayed. She knew the magic could be inspired but she didn’t know how for every step they took, they tripped and stumbled. Perhaps it was the mind’s illusion. Perhaps she just wasn’t ready to accept the reality.


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